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At Emergent CDMO, we are synchronized to serious science. Yours. Helping biopharma innovators bring life-saving, life-extending therapies to patients around the world is our mission. Whether your therapeutic or vaccine is centered on a global health risk, rare disease, or novel medicine, you'll find us a like-minded and more-than-capable partner.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Emergent CDMO: A Molecule-to-Market Partner for Complex Biologics

For nearly 25 years, Emergent has developed, manufactured, and delivered their own innovative vaccines and...

How CDMOs Can Support Nanoparticles for Gene Therapy, Immuno-Oncology and Vaccines

Nanoparticles have experienced increasing demand in recent years in biopharmaceutical formulations, owing to their...

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On Demand Webinar: High-Speed Viral Drug Product Manufacturing

Our viral drug product manufacturing facility in Rockville, MD is home to our INTEGRA® high-speed bulk filling line,...

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Global health risks. Rare disease therapeutics. Novel medicines.  No matter where your innovation is centered, you'll find us a like-minded and more-than-capable partner. And, no matter where we begin with your project, we maintain a holistic perspective as we help you accelerate along your process development and manufacturing pathway.

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“The Emergent Way” is visible in everything we do for you. The elements that define it aren’t labeled that way, of course, but you’ll see the hallmarks of what make us different at every turn.

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    10 Global CDMO facilities on two continents

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    40+ Commercial manufacturing programs supported

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    100+ Clinical 
    candidates supported

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    20+ Years of development & mfg. experience

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    70+ Global CDMO clients

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    7 fill lines available for CDMO clients

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