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About Emergent CDMO

We are the contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) division of Emergent (NYSE: EBS). Emergent CDMO has the scientific and regulatory compliance experience, end-to-end development and manufacturing expertise, and efficient technology transfer capabilities that can harness the urgency, acuity, and scalability required to bring life-saving, life-extending products to market.

Our Commitment

Even when the world changes around us and new challenges emerge, our mission stays the same — to improve and protect the health of billions of people around the globe by supporting innovative drug makers that make the seemingly impossible possible. Read more about how our commitments to supporting regulatory and quality assurance excellence help our clients deliver their life-saving and life-extending products to market.

Customize Your Pathway

We understand that which approach fits you best can be found where science and business strategy intersect, where dynamics like speed, cost, and regulatory approach are balanced in precise harmony. And as an integrated CDMO with the experience of an established biopharmaceutical company, Emergent stands ready to help reach your next clinical or commercial drug product milestone.

What We Do

Wherever you might be in the drug product lifecycle, Emergent CDMO stands ready to put our resources, technology, and experience to work for you.


Development Services

Our clients have come to rely on Emergent CDMO for a broad range of development services, including process development for drug substance and drug product, and analytical development. Whether your program is in clinical or commercial phases, just starting up or scaling for growth, our development services are primed to plug in right where you need them.



Drug Substance Manufacturing

When your unique science connects with our drug substance capabilities, promising opportunities abound. We tailor our suite of technology platforms (mammalian and plasma protein) to meet your precise needs. Then we leverage our resources capacity to support your goals.



Drug Product Manufacturing

Our drug product manufacturing capabilities are designed to support all phases of your product lifecycle. Whether you need small volumes of material for clinical research or large-scale manufacturing for a commercialized product, Emergent CDMO has the production, filling, and packaging expertise to support your growth and scale-up, now and in the future.


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Your biggest challenges inspire us. That's why Emergent supports innovative drug makers that make the seemingly impossible possible. In our latest blog series, Case Study Corner, discover how we've helped our clients overcome their biggest...

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Webinar: Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update

Tara Lorenz, Director of Commercial Operations, presented Emergent's development and manufacturing capabilities and available capacity at the Outsourced Pharma Capacity Webinar in March. If you missed the live presentation, watch ondemand to learn...

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Molecule to Market Solutions

Global health risks. Rare disease therapeutics. Novel medicines.  No matter where your innovation is centered, you'll find us a like-minded and more-than-capable partner. And, no matter where we begin with your project, we maintain a holistic perspective as we help you accelerate along your process development and manufacturing pathway.

Tox Lots, Demo Batches
Process Development
Analytical Development, Phase Appropriate Validation, Stability
Tech Transfer, Scale Up
Process Characterization, Characterization Testing
Clinical Drug Substance (DS) & Drug Product (DP) Manufacturing
Commercial DS & DP Manufacturing
Packaging & Labeling, Cold Storage
Stability, Lot Release Testing
Dedicated Project Management
Regulatory & Inspection Support
About Emergent CDMO

Services & Capabilities Overview

The Power of the
Emergent Way

“The Emergent Way” is visible in everything we do for you. The elements that define it aren’t labeled that way, of course, but you’ll see the hallmarks of what make us different at every turn.

Flexible & Scalable Technologies
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Efficient Tech Transfer
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Agility and Reliability
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Passion for the Vision
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Partnership Thinking
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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Emergent By The Numbers

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    5 integrated development and manufacturing sites located in the US & Canada 

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    70+ Countries where CDMO
    products are distributed

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    20+ Years of development
    & manufacturing experience

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    100+ Clinical 
    candidates supported

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    40+ Commercial manufacturing
    programs supported

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