Our facility in Bern, Switzerland has expertise in mammalian, microbial, and viral drug substance and drug product, including oral vaccines used to treat infectious diseases. The site serves as our European-based cGMP manufacturing footprint and offers a wide array of research and development capabilities for novel specialty vaccines, multiproduct commercial bacterial fermentation, and synergies with our USA sites.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Technologies

The Bern site comprises a number of individual production, fill/finish, quality control, storage, and office buildings that offer ample capacity for new products to be brought in.

Equipment includes:

  • Bacterial fermentation (4000L) fermenter
  • Large-scale bulk lyophilizer
  • Production lines that include harvest capabilities by flow-through centrifuge or tangential flow filtration (TFF) system
  • 200L cell culture facility, including production to formulate sterile bulk drug product

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