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Drug Substance


Upstream Manufacturing

Experts in Single-Use

Efficiency is obtained through our commitment to single-use systems, focus on reducing product changeover times, and support of purity assurance by minimizing risk of product cross-contamination in our multi-platform facilities. 

Single use containers are available for BSL-2, cGMP and all stages of production, including culture and harvest. State-of-the-art equipment including GE Xcellerex bioreactors are used to maintain single use systems for containment at a range of volumes:

  • 50 L
  • 200 L
  • 500 L
  • 2,000 L

Emergent also utilizes the ABEC custom single-run (CSR®) bioreactor technology at the following scales:

  • 500L
  • 4,000L

Downstream Processing

Downstream Expertise

With state-of-the-art equipment, single use containers and chromatography columns and aseptic processing, customers can be assured of our dedication to the highest standards of purity as cell cultures move downstream. Whether we develop your cultures at Emergent or bring them in from another location, our commitment to excellence remains the same.  

Make Emergent your trusted partner at any stage of the contract manufacturing process.


Interested in Starting a Project?

If you are interested in potentially starting a project with Emergent, want to find out more information about Emergent, or would like to have us contact you for any reason, please use this web form to send us information or questions, or call us toll-free at 1-800-441-4225