Michigan, USA


Our Lansing, MI (USA) campus is a 12-acre, 25-building complex that specializes in high-containment and high-risk manufacturing of microbial, BSL2, and BSL3 level products for government agencies and commercial biopharmaceutical clients. Providing a broad spectrum of proven expertise in microbial technologies – from aseptic processing and bacterial fermentation to process and method validation – our Lansing team can help clients gain crucial efficiencies in every stage of the drug substance development and manufacturing process.

Analytical Capabilities

Our Lansing facility maintains laboratories for release testing and method validation, and supports particle forensics for the entire Emergent enterprise.


  • Chemistry/Particle Forensics
    • Protein testing
    • Materials testing
    • Particle forensics
    • General analytics
  • BioAssay/Animal Analytics
    • Cell assays
    • Animal models
    • SPR

Manufacturing Capabilities and Technologies

Our Lansing campus has the capability to support late phase to commercial manufacturing of microbial platforms, from pilot to full scale. And our Lansing team stands at the ready to assist clients with their design, transfer, and validation processes.


  • Media prep
  • Upstream processing (10L-1320L) SS fermenters
  • Downstream purification/formulation
  • Formulation
  • Labeling and serialization
  • Packaging
  • In-line process analytical technologies

Technologies and Equipment

  • Sterile filtration
  • Shaker flasks: 100mL - 2L
  • Centrifugation
  • Depth filtration
  • AKTA filtration
  • Stirred tanks: 25L - 300L
  • Subsurface liquid transfer
  • Compendial testing

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