Drug Product Lyophilization Development and Manufacturing


Emergent has successfully developed lyophilization cycles for biologic products including recombinant proteins, enzymes, and antibodies, as well as live and attenuated virus vaccines.

  • Thermal characterization and formulation development & optimization
  • Lyophilization cycle development studies
  • Lyophilization process characterization studies
  • Elucidation and optimization of critical cycle parameters 
  • Tech transfer and scale-up capabilities to GMP manufacturing
  • Clinical in-use studies for lyophilized products

Lyophilization development is conducted within our integrated network reducing timelines and maximizing the success of your lyophilized drug product.


Learn more about how Emergent CDMO can support the drug process and formulation development and manufacturing of lyophilized biological products.

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Emergent’s 87,000 sq. ft. GMP drug product manufacturing facility is designed to support the manufacture of the most critical and complex vaccines and therapeutics.

With flexible capacity equipped to handle single or multi-day filling campaigns, our experienced analytical and process tech transfer teams stand ready to rapidly onboard your program from project inception to manufacturing — with a steadfast commitment to quality and safety every step of the way. 

Turn-key lyophilization solutions: 3 lyophilization units, with a total capacity of 530 sq. ft. 

IMA Lyo - 240 sq. ft. 


Hull Lyo - 216 sq. ft. 


Martin Christ Lyo - 74 sq. ft. 

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