How to mitigate risk for biologics during fill/finish manufacturing

As more biologics move through research and development, the demand for specialized aseptic fill/finish services has steadily climbed. Aseptic processing with the highest degree of sterility assurance, filling accuracy and quality is critical for high-value, small-batch therapies. Anything less impacts regulatory compliance, project timelines and—most importantly—patient safety.

This white paper explores the specialized equipment, expertise, and services needed for efficient biologics fill/finish manufacturing. Top takeaways include:

  • The benefits of single-use aseptic filling systems and gloveless robotic handling
  • How automation can reduce variability and speed up manufacturing
  • How to maintain yield and prevent impurities during scale-up
  • Qualities to look for in a biologics service provider

By: Dan Perrin, Director of Manufacturing, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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