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All Hands on Deck for Fill/Finish of Vaccines and Therapeutics

Aug 31, 2020 4:58:00 PM

“Emergent has a long, successful history of working with the US government to develop, manufacture, and deliver safe and effective medical countermeasures for public health. BARDA has been an excellent partner, across all levels from leadership to the project and technical teams with whom we work closely. As partners on a team, we work collaboratively to monitor, evaluate, and progress projects and help remove barriers that slow down the directive of Operation Warp Speed.”

Dino Muzzin, senior vice president of manufacturing operations at Emergent BioSolutions contributed to an editorial in the August issue of Pharmaceutical Technology on the pivotal role outsourcing partners are having in the rapid development and production of COVID-19 vaccine candidates. 

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Pharmaceutical Technology
Supplement: Outsourcing Resources
August 2020
Pages: s15–s17


J. Markarian, “All Hands on Deck for Fill/Finish of Vaccines and Therapeutics," Pharmaceutical Technology Outsourcing Resources Supplement (August 2020).

Topics: COVID-19
Catherine Hanley

Written by Catherine Hanley

Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience