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Genetic Vaccine Platforms Demonstrate Their Potential

In a recent Pharmaceutical Technology article, Emergent experts provide their insights on selection of technologies for vaccine development. 

Read the full article here. 

"The potential exists for adverse effects because live viral vaccines are attenuated by genetic mutation of the wild-type, disease-causing virus, either by passaging the virus through cells, eggs, or animals or purposeful deletion of sections of the viral genome, explains Kelly Lyn Warfield, vice president of vaccines research and development within Emergent BioSolutions’ Vaccines Business Unit. “For selection and use of live, attenuated viral vaccines, caution must be applied due to potential safety issues in immunocompromised individuals (i.e., primary immunodeficiencies, patients on immunosuppressant treatment, HIV-infected people, and sometimes the very young or old), since this type of vaccine has the potential to replicate in an uncontrolled manner, spread to other individuals due to shedding of the vaccine, or revert to a virulent (disease-causing) form,” she says. “Care must be taken, therefore, to select a candidate that has an appropriately balanced replication profile to maintain an acceptable safety profile but that can also induce a potent immune response,” Warfield adds."


Article Details

Pharmaceutical Technology
Vol. 45, No. 3
March 2021
Pages: 18–23, 64


C. Challener, "Genetic Vaccine Platforms Demonstrate Their Potential, "Pharmaceutical Technology 45 (3) 2021.

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