Maryland, USA


Located just 10 minutes from Emergent headquarters, our 70,000 sq. ft., BSL 2 level Rockville, MD (USA) facility is home to drug product manufacturing for viral vaccines and therapeutics. The facility has the capabilities to fill, lyophilize, inspect, label, package, and store viral vaccine products. Our Rockville team has specific knowledge, experience, and capabilities in:

  • Viscous and non-viscous solutions/suspensions
  • Large molecule sterile drug product capabilities
  • Products with stability challenges (such as sensitivity to light or oxygen)
  • Lyophilization development, optimization, and commercialization for both vials and syringes

Drug Product Manufacturing:
Clinical & Commercial Viral GMP

Emergent CDMO clients collaborating with our Rockville team capitalize on our integrated isolator line with BSL 2 containment through parts preparation, filling, lyophilization, capping, and exterior vial decontamination.

Filling: Single-headed filler, max speed of 50 vpm

  • Automated stoppering fed from vibratory bowl
  • Lyophilization capability, manual load and unload
  • Vial sizes 2R to 6R
  • Manual weight checks

To help streamline their success throughout the cGMP drug product manufacturing process in Rockville, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of support services that include:

  • Raw materials testing
  • Finished product release testing
  • Stability testing
  • Packaging
  • Visual inspection
  • Cold storage

Rockville Expansion: Q1 2023

At Emergent, we continually invest in enhancing and optimizing what we do and how we do it. For our Rockville facility, that means we continue to increase our drug product manufacturing capabilities that include:

  • Integrated, high speed, isolator line with BSL 2 containment through parts preparation, filling, capping, and exterior vial decontamination
  • Vial size range capability 2R to 100R - 2R (Q1 2023) and 10R (H2 2023)
  • Eight-headed filler, max speed of 234 vpm
  • Automated 100% IPC
  • Automated stoppering and capping
  • Lyophilization with auto-load capability (future qualification)

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