Manitoba, Canada


For more than 30 years, our site in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), has offered clients a broad range of expertise for drug substance and drug product manufacturing. The 150,000-sq .ft. facility manufactures polyclonal hyperimmune products (including six licensed by the FDA and Health Canada) as well as plasma therapeutics, lipoproteins, and mRNA products. Our Winnipeg team has the capacity, experience, and drive to customize manufacturing suites to support client-driven complex process requirements and infrastructure.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Technologies

Five Manufacturing Areas

  • Small-scale manufacturing area
  • Large-scale manufacturing area
  • Large-scale manufacturing  &  large scale (240L to 1,000L) human hyperimmune manufacturing area
  • Large-scale (500 - 1000L) equine hyperimmune manufacturing area
  • Bulk product formulation area
Aseptic Fill/Finish
  • Conventional high-speed vial filling suite
  • Cytiva SA25 isolator filling suite


  • Visual inspection
  • Packaging & labeling
  • Warehouse
  • Onsite cold temperature storage

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